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New software v6.15 released


Truck Explorer v6.15


It's AutoVEI team and we have some exciting news!
We just released a new Truck Explorer Software version v6.15

What's new in v6.15 (build 12923) 2020-12-17: 
  1. License CPC3 DC. Read/write CPC3 memory operations over DC2-CPC3 cable. (full Flash MPC5566, full Eeprom AT25256). Video manual in Youtube
  2. License CPC3 JTAG. Read/write CPC3 in recovery mode. Video manual in Youtube
  3. License PTM JTAG. Read/write PTM in recovery mode. 
  4. DC2-JTAG/BDM dongle support for memory operations: CPC3 JTAG (MPC5566), PTM JTAG (MPC5554)
  5. New cable DC2-CPC3 in sale.
  6. Now it is possible to read MCM/ACM via BSL and write same file via DC or OBD without manual modification. Different flash file size problem is solved.
  7. License MCM2.1 BSL is updated. Recover MCM2.1 HW:D3 (locked) in BSL mode. Needs DC2-ISP7_MCM2.1 cable
  8. ACM2 torque limit (enable/disable) (4 tokens)
  9. MCM2, MCM2.1 power correction (16 tokens)
  10. TCM (FESTO) added for unpair/pair operation 
  11. TCM unpair (now 100 tokens, not 300)
  12. MCM unpair (now 50 tokens, not 150)
  13. New version of CPC4, ACM2.1, PTM are added (for free)
  14. MAN faults over CAN added (MAN EURO6 diagnostic)
  15. License MB DIAG and MAN DIAG in any V6 kits from v6.15 (for free)
  16. License MB_MCMACM_VEDOC was renamed to MB_SFTP_CALC
  17. Now showing real voltage in left upper corner
  18. Truck list is shown in dropdown list now
  19. License 2011+ license removed (merged with License 2014+)
  20. License 2014+ is enabled for all users who had 2011+ for free!
  21. Misc bugs fixed:
    * CPC NAFTA memory operations fixed
    * VeDoc operations in BSL mode fixed
    * EIS memory operations fixed
    * VIN in VeDoc window fixed
    * ACM torque limit is working for ACM2 only
    * MB_KEYS license fixed
    * fixed crash in Android app
    * faults report for non English languages fixed
If you are our customer and VEI V6 owner, you can download the software here.
Don't forget that the clients with older V4, V5 can always upgrade to V6.

And for any new clients that may be interested, you can take a look at our V6 kits or contact our sales managers for more information.

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