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New software v6.17 released


Truck Explore software v6.17

With new Truck Explorer version 6.17 get more for MAN and IVECO trucks!

Truck Explorer version 6.17 (build 14304)  from 2021-06-03

  1. fixed: Iveco EDC7UC31 FLASH write over DC (non GPT) or OBD (was "error 3.5 at 9%")
  2. fixed: removed double CPC3/CPC4 info during connect to Mercedes Bus via OBD
  3. new: many new CPC/CPC3/CPC4 firmware versions added
  4. new: new EDC7C32 and EDC7UC31 firmware versions added
  5. misc minor bugs fixed

Truck Explorer version 6.17 (build 14222)  from 2021-05-20

  1. MCM2.1 HW:D4 firmware unlock (unlock price is 10 tokens) in BSL mode. Manual in MyVEI.
  2. MCM2.1 HW:D4 now available to read/write (DC,OBD), but only after unlock in BSL mode. VIDEO
  3. EDC7UC31 (Kamaz, MAZ, FORD) support added (OBD, DC, GPT and BDM modes)
  4. fixed: PTM EEPROM operations fixed (got "error 3.5 at 66%")
  5. changed: EDC7 hardware versions renamed (was "E4" "E5" now "0" "1" etc)
  6. fixed: EIS DC connection fixed (was "bad cable ID" error)
  7. fixed: EDC7 Iveco (EDCUC31) FLASH operations now work ok via OBD or DC (non GPT mode)
  8. fixed: removed requirement to disconnect FFR or PTM before EDC7 OBD memory operations (still need for DC operations)
  9. fixed: read PTM keys information right after connect via OBD (was "error 3.5")
  10. fixed: IVECO PIN in BSL mode (was "internal error")
  11. misc minor bugs fixed

Truck Explorer version 6.17 (build 14097)  from 2021-04-30

  1. EDC7C32 FLASH read/write with autochecksum over OBD (fixed)
  2. EDC7C32 FLASH read/write with autochecksum in DC mode (fixed)
  3. EDC7C32 FLASH/EEPROM read/write with autochecksum GPT mode (fixed)
  4. Software shows what license is missing for unavailable operations with link to MyVEI shop
  5. Ukrainian translations
  6. application now works with old outdated graphical drivers installed (slower software rendering is used)
  7. new FR version (diagnosis version 33, version 10) added
  8. new CPC4 version (R34_01_000A diag version 02060A) added
  9. License SCANIA COO7 JTAG is added
  10. DC2U-COO7 cable

Truck Explorer version 6.17 (build 13970)  from 2021-04-20

For MAN trucks:
 * New License MAN EDC7 GPT : EDC7C32 Full Flash/EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 GPT. Auto Checksum.
 * New cable DC2U-EDC7C32_GPT.
For IVECO trucks: 
 * New License IVECO EDC7 GPT : EDC7UC31 Full Flash/EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 GPT. Auto Checksum.
 * New cable DC2U-EDC7UC31_GPT.
New License EDC7 BDM for recovery:
Recover Flash/EEPROM of EDC7C32 or EDC7UC31 in BDM mode (Need to open ECU).
    For EDC7UC31:
     1.1.  Dongle DC2U-ISP-JTAG+BDM required for EDC7 BDM mode.
     1.2.  New adapter for dongle DC2U-BDM7 open flex.
     1.3.  Cable DC2U-EDC7UC31_GPT required for EDC7UC31 BDM mode.
    For EDC7C32:
     2.1.  Dongle DC2U-ISP-JTAG+BDM required for EDC7 BDM mode.   
     2.2.  New adapter for dongle DC2U-BDM10-to-MHD10 for EDC7C32.
     2.3.  Cable DC2U-EDC7C32_GPT required for EDC7C32 BDM mode.


 * Doberman kit upgraded with additional cables and licenses (from 2021-04-20)
 * Ivetic kit upgraded with additional cables and licenses (from 2021-04-20)
 * Parameters for EDC7C32 modifying (for tokens) are added: Tester info, Item Number, Data Record Number, Software Numbers, Unmachined Part Number, EOL Info, VIN code
 * New PTM versions (PTM_05_08_3, PTM_06_06_7) are added.
 * New FFR versions (D2.30, D2.50, D3.50, D3.C0, D3.D0, D3.E0, D4.60, D4.90) are added
 * License MR+ upgraded. New MR2 software version 31B added.


 * Old License MAN EDC7 DC renamed to MAN EDC7 GPT.
 * Old cable DC2-EDC7 and DC2-PTM+FFR+EDC7 no more supported for read/write flash of EDC7!!!
 * Old cable DC2-PTM+FFR+EDC7 could be used for R/W PTM, R/W FFR, Pairing of MS6+FFR, EDC7+FFR, EDC7+PTM and works in EDC7 BDM mode!
 * Translation to Arabic is updated. Thanks to Motasem Lutfi Tqatqa.
 * Translation to Russian is updated.


 * GSII hardware version 6 error 3.5 during memory read/write fixed.
 * Pairing of MS6+FFR, EDC7+FFR, EDC7+PTM fixed.
 * fixed hardware class returned for EHZ C167CS.
 * misc minor bugs fixed.

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