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Old VEI device upgrade to V7 conditions


  Upgrade conditions
  1. Send your VEI device (V3, V4 or V5) to us;
  2. Choose a new V7 kit;
  3. Get a discount for your chosen new kit. Ask for price our managers.
Contact our dealers or main office and provide your VEI serial number.
IMPORTANT: old VEI device must be returned!!!

  Do I need to upgrade old VEI to V7?

No. If you are satisfied with software v5.9 and do not need additional licenses, you do not need to exchange the VEI device.

   Why do I need upgrade to V7?

The only VEI V6 device could work with Truck Explorer software v7.x. New licenses are not supported by software v5.9. New Android mobile application v7.x supported only with VEI V6 or V7.

   What is the last date of upgrade to V7?

Last date to exchange to V7 is December 31, 2022.

   What VEI device version do I have?

At the back side of VEI please check a product number:
D11xxx - is a V3 (plastic case)
D15xxx - is a V4
D16xxx - is a V4
D17xxx - is a V5

D18xxx - is a V6
D20xxx - is a V6
D22xxx - is a V7

   How to upgrade my VEI device to V7?

If you have V3, V4 or V5 device (VEI in metallic case) contact your dealer or main office directly.
Provide a VEI device serial number and full your address.
Get a proforma invoice for payment.
Sent your VEI device at 10 EUR value in the invoice.
Your VEI device must be working and not damaged.
Get a new VEI V7 kit.

   What version of Truck Explorer software needed for V7?

VEI V7 device could use only software Truck Explorer v7.x and later.

   Do I need to exchange DirectConnect 2 or 2M tool?

No, you do not need to exchange DC2 (DC2M) to DC2U. VEI V6/V7 device supports all DC2 versions.
But some new functions works only with DC2U. Example: JTAG, GPT, BDM. Ask our support team.

   VEI device generation compatibility

VEI device version: DirectConnect device version: Truck Explorer software version:
V7 DC2U, DC2M, DC2 v7.0 or later
V6 DC2U, DC2M, DC2, DC1 v6.0, v7.0 or later
V5 DC2M, DC2, DC1 v5.9
V4 DC2, DC1 v5.9
V3 DC1 v3.0
V2 DC1 v2.2

   Is VEI device V3 is upgradable to V7?

Yes, you could replace to the V7 device at same conditions as V4 and V5.

   Is VEI device V6 is upgradable to V7?

No. By functionality V6 and V7 is same .

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