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Software v6.19 version (BETA)


Truck Explorer v6.19 (build 15516 ) BETA release (2021-11-29)

Notice: If you want to try experimental features of the v6.19 before they’re released, you can ask our support team to activate test firmware for your device. As a beta tester, you’ll become an important part of the app’s development. 

What's new in BETA version:
  1. CPC3 memory operation via OBD (License MB CPC3 OBD)
  2. CPC3Evo memory operation via DC (License MB CPC3Evo DC)
  3. CPC3Evo memory operation via OBD (License MB CPC3Evo OBD)
  4. CPC3Evo password reset (price 10 tokens)
  5. CPC3Evo speed limit (change after password reset) (License CPC3 EXTRA updated)
  6. DDDL Backdoor password calculator (price 10 tokens)
  7. MAN EDC17CV42 + PTM pairing by OBD (price 100 tokens)
  8. MAN EDC17CV42 memory operations via GPT (License MAN EDC17CV42 GPT)
  9. MAN EDC17CV42 parameters change (tester info, item number, data record number, software number, unmachined part number, VIN, EOL info) uses tokens (5 tokens each).
  10. IVECO EDC17CV41 memory operations via GPT (License IVECO  EDC17CV41 GPT)
  11. IVECO VCM2 / VCM3 speed limit OBD/DC (price 20 tokens)
  12. IVECO VCM2 / VCM3 parameters (VIN, PIC) read/write via OBD or DC (price 5 tokens)
  13. Volvo EDC7UC31 memory operations via OBD/DC/GPT (use "ECU" connection)
  14. ACM3 connection info and parameters via OBD  (torque limit, VIN)
  15. MR unit pump ("trim") codes (price 2 tokens)
  16. IVECO faults codes operations (read/erase)
  17. "Read device info" shows info about DC & JTAG if connected
  18. During JTAG/BDM connect check is MCU powered on 
  19.  EDC17CV41 checksum check and correct before FLASH write
  20.  EDC17CV42 checksum check and correct before FLASH write
What's fixed:
  1. CPC5 speed limit now changes "cruise control speed limit" too
  2. FR/CPC speed limit now changes "custom speed limit" too (before only "legal speed limit" was changed)
  3. ISP EIS connect (was "internal error")
  4. Do not show unused (disabled) buttons for "EEPROM B" memory operations
  5. Ignition dialog for Freightliner truck does not block further operations
  6. FR (metal case) EEPROM read/write
  7. CPC4 detection improved (some CPC4 were detected as CPC2)
  8. VW PTM parameters set
  9. EDC7UC31 FLASH write (in DC2 GPT mode) now is more stable (was frequent "error 3.5" before)
  10. Homepage when offline now displayed correctly (was always "loading" before)
  11. FFR read keys info, write speed limit, pairing, read VDF (was error 0.3)
  12. Reading DFLASH (as part of FLASH) for CPC4 added
  13. MR (KLine on pin 7) added to KAMAZ
  14. "error 0.3" at 100% during ACM/MCM FLASH write in BSL mode
  15. "internal error" during CPC4 speed limit read
  16. CPC3 operations via OBD fixed
  17. "error 3.8" during EDC17CV41 connect
  18. "Bad cable ID" during BSL EDC17CV41/EDC17CV42 connect
  19. CPC2+ diagnosis version 00004B DC memory operations (was "error 3.7")
  20. VCM speed limit on some ECUs versions returned "invalid value" before
  21. CPC diagnosis version 3C
Supported new ECU versions:
  1. All possible ACM2/ACM2.1/ACM3 and MCM/MCM2/MCM2.1 are added
  2. Immo off for PTM 81.25805-7143
  3. VDF read for PTM 81.25805-7143, 81.25805-7152
  4. PTM 81.25805-7155, 81.25805-7153, 81.25805-7140
  5. Iveco EDC7UC31 version F.0.1
  6. Kamaz EDC7UC31 version 1.3.1
  7. MR2 versions supported: 30D, 31C (License MR+) 
  8. MAN EDC7C32 version 2.6
  9. Spansion S29AL016J chip support (MAN PTM 81.25805-7154; was "error 3.D" during EEPROM read)

New operations in software v6.19. Price in Tokens.

ECU name:

Operation name:

Price in tokens

CPC3Evo Password reset  (new!) 10
EDC17CV42+PTM Pairing  (new!) 100
EDC17CV42 Parameters: (tester info, item number, data record number, software number, unmachined part number, VIN, EOL info)  (new!) 5
VCM2 Speed limit  (new!) 20
VCM3 Speed limit  (new!) 20
VCM2 Parameters (VIN, PIC)  (new!) 5
VCM3 Parameters (VIN, PIC)  (new!) 5
MR Unit pump ("trim") codes  (new!) 2
  DDDL Backdoor password calculator  (new!) 10

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