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Optical key (FBS3) programming on SFTP EURO6 Mercedes truck


With Truck Explorer V6 and License SFTP KEYS you could easy solve FBS3 key problems on Mercedes SFTP MP4 EURO6 trucks.

1. All keys from a Mercedes EURO6 truck are lost:
- You could change an EIS with keys (used from another truck).
- Make TCM unpair (Video)
- Make MCM unpair
- Pair TCM with EIS (Video)
- Pair MCM with EIS
- Start the truck.

2. MCM2 (MCM2.1) was damaged or stolen from a truck:
- Take a used same hardware type MCM, as old one.
- Write a Flash/eeprom files you need for that truck (not included in a license).
- Make MCM unpair by DC2 on a bench
- Put an MCM to a truck
- Connect VEI device to OBD
- Pair MCM with EIS.

3. TCM was damaged or stolen from a truck:
- Take a used (spare) same hardware type TCM, as old one.
- Make TCM unpair by DC2 on a bench
- Put an TCM to a truck
- Connect VEI device to OBD
- Pair TCM with EIS.

Example when TCM become damaged (Examle Nr. 3):

1. KEYS programmed (paired) with TCM / MCM / EIS:

Paired TCM and MCM to EIS

2. TCM become damaged and need to be replaced:

Damaged TCM need to be replaced

3. You could install a used TCM, but it is paired with other truck keys:

Take a spare used TCM

4. Before install to a truck, you need to unpair TCM:

Unpair TCM with VEI, DC2 and SFTP KEYS license

5. To unpair TCM you will need VEI, DirectConnect2 tool, DC2-TCM adapter, SFTP KEYS license, online connection and tokens (price per operation):

6. After successfull Unpair process, please install a TCM to a truck and make PAIR

Pair new TCm with EIS by OBD

7. Pairing could be made by OBD connection only. Procedure is offline. no tokens are needed. After Pairing you could start a truck.

8. Make gearbox pneumatic switcher calibration by Xentry software. Pressure in truck air system >= 10psi. Follow Xentry instructions..

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