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    General terms for sales of products

1. The validity of the terms and conditions
1.1. Our deliveries, performance and offers are carried out on the basis of these terms. They are valid for the sales of our products unless otherwise specifically agreed with the Client in a written form.
1.2. There terms are deemed as accepted upon receipt of the products or the performance at the latest.

2. Offers and prices
2.1. Our offers remain unconditional and without obligation.
2.2. All prices are excluding VAT and the taxes based on EU legislation. Client shall be responsible for paying additional taxes arising from his local legislation on his own cost.

3. Orders – payments - delivery conditions
3.1. Orders for the products placed by the Client shall be made in a written form and sent to us by e-mail, indicating the preferred delivery date. All orders are firm and irrevocable.
3.2. We shall send the Order Confirmation for the Order placed by the Client and inform about the exact possible delivery day during 7 (seven) days.
3.3. Client shall pay for each delivery as described below:
    3.3.1. 100% of the Order amount shall be paid at the latest 5 (five) days before the planned delivery date.
    3.3.2. Payments shall be done in Euros to our bank account. Payment shall be net of any deduction e.g. all duties and taxes including VAT and all remuneration or commission, in particular, charged by banks.
3.4. In case Client is late with payments according to Article 3.3, we shall have a right to postpone the delivery till 100% of Order amount is received to our bank account.
3.5. We shall invoice the Client at the time of each delivery, in Euros. We shall send the invoice by post to the head office of the Client and by e-mail.
3.6. The delivery, transfer of risk and ownership to the Client shall be agreed to be EX Works, Incoterms 2010. We shall pay the costs of delivery to Client’s head office.

4: Use of the products
4.1. The Client shall be solely liable for operations performed using the products. We dissociate from any actions or losses arising from the use of the products by the Client, including illegal use of the products against the legislation of the country, where the actions were performed.

5: Trademark and copyright
5.1. All rights relating to the products, including copyright shall be strictly reserved for us. The client has no right to disassemble, modify, copy the products or delete any Trademarks from the products.

6: Warranty – after sales service
6.1. We shall guarantee the products against malfunction for a period of 12 (twelve) months as of the date of delivery to the Client. This warranty shall cover parts. It does not cover products damaged by incorrect use or handling or use or handling not in accordance with accepted practice or with the instructions given by us. Likewise, it does not cover products that have been modified or repaired without prior written authorization from us.
6.2. We shall provide the repair service for the products. Products shall not be modified or repaired by other entities without prior written authorization from us.
6.3. Support requests regarding the products shall be sent to us via e-mail to or registered by a skype, call to SKYPE user: Office working hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. GMT2 (excluding public holidays). Response time - 48 hours.
6.4. In case there is a need for repair of the products, Client shall send it to us for repair. The delivery, transfer of risk and ownership in sending the products for repair shall be agreed to be DDP, Incoterms 2010. If the warranty does not cover the repair, we shall invoice the Client for the repair for the amount agreed separately.
6.5. The penalty for hardware disassemble is applied (~900 eur). In every case, we will inform the client about our decision. 

7: Product return policy
7.1. Items purchased on can be returned within 14 (fourteen) days in unused, like-new, 100% saleable condition and in the original manufacturer's packaging.
7.2. We shall refund the original purchase price within 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the item.
7.3. Item must be sent by DHL, TNT, UPS or another mail service, where Tracking Shipment is supported.
7.4. Banks fees, shipping costs, and other taxes are not refundable.

8: Force majeure
8.1. In case of force majeure, any party (we or Client) acknowledges fully or partially not to be able to perform his obligations, this party shall immediately notify in a written form about the force majeure and present their description.

9: Dispute resolution
9.1. Disputes shall be, in first hand, settled on the basis of mutual negotiations based on goodwill. Should amicable settlement fail within a reasonable period of time, the dispute shall be settled in the court under our local country legislation.

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