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Truck Explorer V7 kits
Truck Explorer PRO24 13200 €
Truck Explorer MB FULL 9300 €
Truck Explorer Chipallino 6300 €
Truck Explorer Standard 4800 €
Truck Explorer Revolution 2500 €
Truck Explorer Locksmith 3700 €
Truck Explorer DoberMAN 4900 €
Truck Explorer Ivetic 4200 €
Truck Explorer Scantic 4100 €
Truck Explorer Kamatic 3700 €
Truck Explorer America 3600 €
Update/support subscription 480 €
Truck Explorer cables
DirectConnect 2U kit 920 €
Tokens for operations
Operation prices
Additional for MB trucks
License MB MR 300 €
License MB KEYS 100 €
License MB CALC 200 €
License GS2 350 €
License EHZ BSL 100 €
License EBS 700 €
License CR4 300 €
License CR60 300 €
License FR/CPC 500 €
License ADM3 BSL 100 €
License CPC3 1000 €
License CPC4 700 €
License SFTP KEYS 1000 €
License EIS ISP 500 €
License TCM 700 €
License MCM2 1000 €
License MCM2.1 1000 €
License ACM2/ACM2.1 1000 €
License ACM/MCM BSL 700 €
License EDC17CV44/54 300 €  New!
License MB EXTRA 200 €
License DC2 500 €
License MB DIAG
MBench Lite  New!
Additional for MAN
License MAN KEYS 500 €
License MAN FFR 350 €
License MAN PTM 900 €
License MD1 600 €
License MAN EDC7 500 €
License MAN EDC17 500 €
License GS3 BSL 500 €  New!
License MAN DIAG
Additional for IVECO
License MD1 600 €
License IVECO EDC7 500 €
License IVECO EDC17 500 €
License IVECO VCM 800 €  New!
License IVECO INS 300 €  New!
License IVECO CALC 100 €
Additional for SCANIA
License SCANIA COO7 300 €
License SCANIA COO8 500 €  New!
License SCANIA EMS S6 300 €  New!
License SCANIA EMS S7 300 €  New!
License SCANIA EMS S8 300 €  New!
License SCANIA EEC3 500 €  New!
License SCANIA OPC5 500 €
Additional for VOLVO
License VOLVO EMS 1000 €  New!
License VOLVO DIAG  New!
Keys for trucks
Key for MAN truck
Key for MB truck GHU-72TPO
Transponder ID 13 5 €
Other products
HYELEC Power Supply 200 €
PSA Explorer
ECOM 1700 €
PCMCIA Card for Tech2 350 €
ECULite main dongle 50 €  New!
Mercedes MR PLD. #20 500 €  New!
MAN EDC17CV42. #21 600 €  New!
MAN MD1CE100. #26 600 €  New!
MB MCM2/MCM2.1 #31 500 €  New!
Truck Explorer old kits
Truck Explorer V4
Truck Explorer V3

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 About Truck Explorer® Truck Explorer logo

Truck Explorer® - is the unique worldwide leading solution for special operations on Mercedes, MAN, IVECO, Scania, Volvo, Freightliner, BharatBenz, Mitsubishi Fuso, Foton, Tadano, Grove, MAZ, KAMAZ, CLAAS, BELL, PONSSE, UNIMOG, Western Star, Detroit Diesel, VW and other trucks and buses.

VEI device enables you to read/write full memory (FLASH / EEPROM) of ECU, clone ECU, make IMMO OFF, program new keys, change speed / torque limit, calculate access codes (VeDoc (X1, X2, X8), FDOK (XT, XN), DAS password) in a time and cost efficient manner.

Chiptuning, Immobilizer OFF, Deactivate DTCs by ECU. ECU Cloning without soldering. Operations can be done via OBD2 or by direct connection (see DirectConnect 2U tool), as well.
All licenses are lifetime. The VEI device will work all the time. With the annual Update/support subscription, you will get our support and updates, as well as get special offers and gifts from us. Valid subscription is required in order to purchase additional licenses, tokens.

Some operations have a cost in tokens. Tokens are used offline, and must be purchased in advance. Read more
Supported ECU of a trucks: MR (PLD), MR2, MCM, MCM2, MCM2.1, ACM2, ACM2.1, ACM2.2, TCM, EIS, FR, CPC, CPC3, CPC3Evo, CPC4, ADM3, GS2; EBS3, EBS4, EBS5, FFR, PTM, MD1CE100, MD1CE101, EDC7C32, EDC17CV42, EDC7UC31, EDC17CV41, VCM2, VCM3, COO7, COO8, OPC5, EEC3, EMS S6, EMS S7, EMS S8, GS3, GS3.3, GS3.6, TRW EMS2.2, TRW EMS2.3, TRW EMS2.4, EDC17CV44/54 and other.

We want you to be happy with your investment, so please read carefully or ask us about operations for each ECU before making purchase.


 SCANIA coordinator COO8 memory operations

New License Scania COO8 !!!
Read/write Flash and Eeprom of Scania truck coordinator COO8
- FLASH (internal): MPC5674 (4096KB)
- EEPROM: 95512 (64KB)

Add this new feature with newest v7.5 software update!

More information... 

 ZF AS-Tronic GS3 ECU memory operations

New License GS3 BSL !!!
Read/write Flash/EEPROM of gearbox ECU ZF AS-Tronic
GS3.0   20 Pin (truck)  since 2000: MAN, DAF, IVECO, RENAULT
GS3.3   20 Pin (truck)  since 2005: MAN, DAF, IVECO
GS3.6   20 Pin (truck)  since 2010: DAF



 Scania EEC3 ECU memory operations

New License SCANIA EEC3 to read/write full Flash and Eeprom in JTAG mode.
Euro 6 Scania SCR (AdBlue) control unit.
Read, Write, Clone or Repair these control units easily with Truck Explorer v7.2 software!

Read more..


 Bosch MD1CE100 / MD1CE101 memory operations

License MD1 to read/write full Flash of Bosch ECU MD1CE100 and MD1CE101 (one license for both ECU).
Engine control unit of MAN, Iveco and Kamaz trucks.
Tune or clone these control units with new Truck Explorer v7.1 software release!

Read more..


 EBS3/EBS4/EBS4+/EBS5 memory operations

License EBS to read/write Flash and EEPROM of Wabco/Knorr-Bremse EBS3/EBS4/EBS4+/EBS5.
Electronic Braking System (EBS).
Supported control units from Mercedes, MAN and KAMAZ trucks.

Read more..

 MCM2.1 HW:D4 and MCM2.1 HW:D5 read/write Flash/Eeprom by OBD

Proud to inform!
MCM2.1 (hardware version D4 and D5) Flash and Eeprom could be read and written from 2022-05-30 by OBD
Also memory operations available in DC mode!
No need to open ECU! No need to Unlock!
But only ONLINE mode!
All trucks with MCM2.1 D4/D5 could be flashed now!

Read more..


Lost keys on SFTP (Mercedes EURO6, MP4).

Easy process for Unpair/Pair TCM with EIS, Unpair/Pair MCM with EIS.

Description of optical key programming on a Mercedes SFTP truck

More about License SFTP KEYS...

 SFTP (MP4, EURO6) read/write by OBD

Finally, we have released licenses for all MCM and ACM versions read/write by OBD. The process takes about 5 minutes. Needed only VEI connection to the truck OBD and additional licenses: 

License MCM2
License MCM2.1
License ACM2/ACM2.1

MCM2.1 HW:D4 and D5 hardware already supported!

 YouTube channel  Truck Explorer - Youtube

All videos are Here

How to read PTM flash/eeprom

How to read CPC3 flash/eeprom

How to read/write ADM?

How to change a speed limit on Mercedes EURO6?

How to change a speed limit on ADM (KAMAZ)?

How to read/write a FLASH and EEPROM from ACM2.1 (2017)?

How to read/write a FLASH and EEPROM from MCM2.1 (2017)?

How to read/write Mercedes MR PLD FLASH, EEPROM?

MR with firmware: 23F, 24C, 25B, 30C, 30D. How to read/write Flash and EEPROM?

How to disable AdBlue by rewriting a FLASH memory?

How to read/write MAN FFR Flash, EEPROM?

How to disable AdBlue (downgrade to EURO3)?



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