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New software v6.16 released



It's AutoVEI team and we have some exciting news!
We released a new Truck Explorer Software version v6.16

What's new in v6.16 (build 13525) 2021-03-10: 
  1. Show both "current" & "original" VINs for SFTP ECUs
  2. For paid operations showing coin icon
  3. Torque limit for ACM2.1 added (*for tokens)
  4. New MR2 new firmware version 25C is added  (MR+)
  5. New PTM (PTM_03_03_4), FFR (D1.02) versions added
  6. GS2 memory operations fixed
  7. Misc bugs fixed

What's new in v6.16 (build 13437) 2021-03-03: 
  1. Added License CPC3Evo JTAG memory operation
  2. PTM, FFR parameters added: speed limit, torque limit, RPMs, identifications (*for tokens)
  3. ACM parameters added: VIN (*for tokens)
  4. MCM parameters added: VIN (*for tokens)
  5. MR parameters added: solenoid valve 7, 8 (*for tokens)
  6. MCM immo switch from FBS3 to Classic mode (*for tokens)
  7. MCM immo switch from Classic to FBS3 mode (*for tokens)
  8. FFR, FR, PTM, CPC4 new versions are added
  9. "Erase all faults" button added
  10. during fault report showing the number of faults found for every ECU in log
  11. allow to manually read out FLASH for "unknown hardware" ECUs; dump will be sent to support team automatically
  12. some licenses joined together:
    1) MB_MEMO, MB_MRC167_BSL -> MB_MR
    2) MB_2011+, MB_2014+, MB_2018+, MB_MRXC2287_BSL, MB_MRXC2288_BSL -> MB_MR+
    3) MB_EHZ_C167CS_BSL, MB_EHZ_10F269_BSL -> MB_EHZ_BSL
  13. misc bugs fixed
* Operation no need for any additional license. The operation has a price for every time you change a parameter. Read parameter is always free. Only Write operation has a price.
All price list is here

If you are our customer and VEI V6 owner, you can download the software from
Don't forget that the clients with older V4, V5 can always could upgrade to V6.

And for any new clients that may be interested, you can take a look at our V6 kits or contact our sales managers for more information.

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