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New Software v7.6 version



What's new in software v7.6 build 21057 (2024-06-12):

  1. MAN PTM/FFR gearbox FLEET mode Disable/Enable (price 100 tokens)
  2. New operation "CVN Fix" for MCM2.1 HW:D5 (price 50 tokens)
  3. Volvo EMS 2.2 memory operations in GPT/JTAG (License VOLVO EMS)
  4. Volvo EMS 2.3 memory operations in GPT/JTAG (License VOLVO EMS)
  5. Volvo EMS 2.4 memory operations in GPT/JTAG (License VOLVO EMS)
  6. Volvo EMS (2.2, 2.3, 2.4) dump checksum corrections
  7. In MB diagnostics "Detect control units" returns real ECU list for Mercedes SFTP trucks/buses
  8. Mercedes CR4 dump checks/corrections added
  9. FMR (another FR hardware type) detection added (no memory operations allowed)
  10. Mercedes and Freightliner ECU list and fault descriptions renewed
  11. DC2U-ACM3 cable support added (diagnostics and torque limit)
  12. DC2U-CPC5 cable support added (diagnostics and speed limit only)
  13. Scania COO8 memory operations via DC/OBD. Licenses COO8 upgraded
  14. Scania EEC3 memory operations via DC/OBD. Licenses EEC3 upgraded
  15. CPC5 parameter for transmission mode (FLEET/POWER) (price is 100 tokens)   (New!)
  16. CPC3+MCM2.1 parameters for retarder OFF/ON (price is 60 tokens in total)   (New!)

New ECU versions: 

  1. MR version 61A
  2. CPC4 diagnosis version 020012 (version R46_02_000A)
  3. FR diagnosis version 4 (version 0440)
  4. Many Scania EMS S8 versions added
  5. EDC7C32 from MAN CLA (Cargo Line Asia)
  6. MD1CE100 (KAMAZ) version P1758
  7. EDC17CV41 for Doosan
  8. FR "A 000 446 60 02"


  1. JTAG memory write operations are much faster now (for TCM, EBS4/EBS3, COO7/COO8, PTM, EMS S8)
  2. for PTM immo operations use diagnostic algo (all PTM versions should be supported now)
  3. JTAG memory write operations are much faster now (for CPC3, CPC3 Evo)
  4. JTAG write operations for Scania EEC3, OPC5 are faster now (optimized)   (New!)



  1. "PLD manipulated fix" (sometimes was error "Verification did not pass")
  2. GPT memory operations for EDC17CV44 (was "internal error" before)
  3. DAF GS3.6 A memory operations (was "internal error" before)
  4. Connect to Iveco EDC7UC31 (sometimes was "error 0.3")
  5. GSII memo operations over OBD (was "error 0.3")
  6. Iveco EDC17CV41 read faults over DC (was "error 3.5")
  7. Scania EMS S7 (BDM mode) with internal FLASH locked is handled correctly now
  8. FFR/PTM FLEET mode revised & fixed    (New!)
  9. IVECO PIN calculation (was "error 0.3")   (New!)

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