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    License GS2

License GS2

License GS2

Product code:   D2251S0055

The license GS2 allows to Read / Write automatic gearbox GS2 (EPS3) ECU flash/eeprom.
  1. In DC mode (no need to open ECU)
  2. In BSL mode (need to open ECU)
  3. *NEW* in OBD mode (ECU inside vehicle) (Read Eeprom only and write Flash & eeprom; Read Flash not possible) (License updated in 7.1 software)

Electronic Control Unit and type:
GS2 / EPSIII made by WABCO
MEMO – memory reading and writing for control unit replacement and internal firmware repair (rewrite).
1. Read / Write ECU memory thru DirectConnect 2U (or 2M) tool in standalone mode.
2. Standalone diagnostics.

Supports GS2 (EPSIII) ST10F276 version:
   - FLASH: ST10F276, 832 KB
   - EEPROM A: 93C86, 2 KB
Supports GS2 (EPSIII) C167CS version:
   - FLASH: C167CS

Hardware and cables are not included in the package.
Requirements  (not included):
VEI V6 device
DirectConnect 2U or 2M tool
DC2-GS2 cable
DC2-ISP6 cable for BSL mode
Software version 6.0 or newest
Laboratory power supply 24VDC 3A

Do not write Flash and Eeprom to the different GS hardware versions!
GS will be damaged and will be needed to open GS for BSL recovery.
Truck Explorer shows a hardware version you have connected  (example: 04 to 06).

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